About Us

Privately held Nesa company located in Pitesti has been established in 1992 at that time it was one of the first construction companies in town.

The main activity of the company is residential and industrial constructions. Side activities such as consultancy in construction, indoor and outdoor finishes, and solutions to improve the comfort of living are also part of our activities.

The professionalism of our skilled workers and the quality of the buildings and finishes are our business card.

Putting together our experience of 17 years in the construction field  we guarantee:

  •   Innovation and quality
  •   Reliability and orientation towards the client’s needs
  •   Professionalism
  •   Unlimited design options
  •   The latest technologies in the construction field
  •   A lifetime construction
  •   The ideal house

We are open to developing new business relations and to improving the relations with our clients.

Dir. Ing. Ion Mohor

Dir.Ing. Ion Mohor

Ion Mohor Dumitrita graduated the Faculty of Construction in Iasi, speciality residential and commercial constructions

Between 1981-1989 he attended an internship in the construction field in Pitesti (taking part in activities such as the construction of unique flat apartments in the city centre)

Since 1986 he has been owning the “Technical Responsible for Executions in the Construction Field” Certificate

Between 1989-1991 he worked as a construction engineer within the contracting enterprise of Pitesti

Between 1991-1994 he worked as a construction engineer for a Romanian-German construction company (also being the main stakeholder) in Munchen, Traunstein, Roseinheim

Since 1994 he has been working as a construction engineer managing his own company (finalised projects: offices, residential houses, stores, gas stations)

In 2007 he has started the construction of the German District in Pitesti (see details at Portfolio)
In 2010 he attended the courses of the Technical University in Cluj, Romania in order to obtain the energy performance certificate in constructions.

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