Ready to move in houses

We build “Ready to move in houses”, fully equipped and furnished, offering everything you need for the most comfortable place.

The “Ready to move in houses” had become a well known concept in Romania. The main advantages of a “Ready to move in house” are: the beneficiary is exempted from costly activities, such as buying the land, obtaining the legal and financial documents for electricity, water etc., and designing the house.

Now you can have everything offered by a reliable and experienced partner – NESA. We offer a complex portfolio of “Ready to move in house” projects, which you can choose from.

We are at your disposal with any information about building a “Ready to move in house”, similar projects and detailed costs. Every residential house is unique; every new project and design is a challenge and, at the same time, a great experience for us.

Using our experience, the beneficiaries can find the perfect place to live in and the latest information and technologies in the construction field: designs, materials, paintings, thermal insulation, eco solutions etc.

We can also build your own design house.

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