“Technology makes life easier”

Buildings play a major role in day to day life of humans.

Our main objective is to contribute to a better planning, construction and functioning of buildings, reducing the impact with the environment and using eco friendly solutions.

New technologies are developed which can substantially improve the energy performance of the buildings, reduce the power consumption and existence of combined measures to reduce energy by using so called green energy.
How can you build an eco house?

Eco house helps you to save money, protect the environment and live in a house according to the European union regulations. For many the main reason to live in a eco house is that you can offer to your family a safe space, no toxic in which you can enjoy the living of a modern house.

Energy efficiency is more and more present in government regulations, therefore the CO2 emission will expect to drop soon.

Starting with 2010 Romania will have a new set of international regulations. Each house or building build from ground or sold will have to have a thermic certificate.

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